Goddess of Wisdom


Name: Athena
Race: Ascended Human
Class: God of Philosphy
Role: Wisdom, tactical war, Weaponsmithing
Primary- (Total of 27)
Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Fortitude: 2
Intellect: 5
Insight: 5
Socialability: 3
Appearance: 3
Luck: 4
HP – (Strength + Fortitude +1): 5
Armor Class: (L/M/H) (Agility + Insight + Armor): 8
Strength + Insight + Weapon: 7
Agility + Insight + Weapon: 8
Physical Stunts (Fortidue + Luck) 6
Mental Stunt (Intelect + Luck) 9
Sociol Stunt (Apperance + Luck) 7

Abilities –
1) Owl Of wisdom Athena is the goddess of philosphy as such she knows much that should be beyound her. Whenever she hears a question she can immeditly know the answer through a flash of Divine Knowlege. Doing so is obvious to onlookers.
2) Master of the Phalanx 1 per day last 1 hour Athena is the master of the defensive nature of war. She cannot be hit by attacks as long as this power lasts. Only the power of other divinity may peirce this effect.
3) -Mind of the Divine 1 per day lasts for 1 hour – Do mental tasks at 10X normal speed. Objects move with the charecters will.
4) -In house and home 1 per day lasts 1 hour – People who meet you on the street treat you like long lost family even going so far as to offer you a place to stay if that is needed. After the power drops people are inclinded to offer shelter but will not be overly inconvinanced.
5) -



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