The Justicar


Name: Jaren
Race: Ascended Human
Class: God of Justice
Role: Justice, Truth, Wisdom, Light
Personality: Cool headed in every situation,
Primary- (Total of 27)
Strength: 4
Agility: 2
Fortitude: 5
Intellect: 2
Insight: 5
Socialability: 3
Appearance: 3
Luck: 3
HP – (Strength + Fortitude + 1): 10
Armor Class (L/M/H) (Agility + Insight + Armor): 7 + Armor
Strength + Insight + Weapon: 9+W
Agility + Insight + Weapon: 7+W
Physical Stunts (Fortitude + Luck): 8
Mental Stunts (Intellect + Luck): 5
Social Stunts (Apperance + Luck): 6


Divine Justice (At Will): Can strike those first deemed unjust dealing +2 damage per hit (Causes roll offs) Passive: Can better determine the truth through people’s perceptions.

Per Hour:

Truth: Can determine if people are telling the truth (Will fine tune wording later)
Eyes of a God: Can look at Gods and determine tier of power, primary domain, and ability being used at a glance. After studying for additional rounds, can determine known God’s in relation to other Gods, all domains, and all powers of God being studied.
Lighteousness: Can cause a radial light burst, large and bright enough to blind mortals in the vicinity for 5 rounds. Gods for 1 round. This effect can be ignored with a physical stunt. Blinded targets miss with all attacks.



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