The Raven

The Trickster


Name: Samuel Henderson

Class: Trickster
Race: Raven in human form
Role: Trickery, illusion, shadows, contracts
Personality: Rewards the clever and coming at the problem sideways. Likes laying low those in strong positionsalittle Vendictive Usually sees other trickster as friendly rivals(briar rabbit, the monkey, the devil at the cross roads)

Str: 2
Agility: 3
Fortitude: 2
Int: 4
Insight: 4
Socialability: 5
Appearance: 4
Lucky: 3

Hp 5
Armor class: 7+armor
str + insight: 6 +weapon
agility + insight: 7 +weapon
Phy stunt : 5
Mental stunt: 7
Social stunt: 7

At Will – Illusion of truth – If caught in lie, create illusion to counter disbelief
passive all lies are belivable

Decitful Dodge- once per round, attacker hits illusion instead and Raven is somewhere else
Covering Shadows- hide one divine ability per person in area
Binding Deals- supernaturally enforce a contract


The Raven

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