God of gods (He is supposed to be above your charecters general power level.)


Name: Zeus
Race: Ascended Human
Class: God of gods
Role: Storms, Sky, Nobility, Fate
Strength: 5
Agility: 4
Fortitude: 5
Intellect: 2
Insight: 4
Socialability: 4
Appearance: 3
Luck: 3
HP – (Strength + Fortitude +1): 11
Armor Class: (L/M/H) (Agility + Insight + Armor): 7
Strength + Insight + Weapon: 9
Agility + Insight + Weapon: 8
Physical Stunts (Fortidue + Luck) 8
Mental Stunt (Intelect + Luck) 6
Sociol Stunt (Apperance + Luck) 7

Abilities –
1) The Lord of lighting Whenever zesu desires he may call upon storms and the power of lighting. This can be used to attack if used as such it instantly incapactited mortals (or kills his choice) Against gods the blow is considered to do 3 damage and forces roll offs.
2) Rage of Olympus 1 per day lasts 1 hour +10 to Str and Fort. Zesu heals compeletl each round. He gains the physical stunts for the increased fort as well as HP. At the end of the rage he regains 11 HP. His attacks force rolls off against any abilities he is challenged by.
3) Eye in the sky 1 per day lasts 1 hour Zesu can see everything going on under the sky. Within 1 mile. He may constrate increasing the radius up to 100 miles.
4) -Aura of Nobility 1 per day lasts 1 hour – Any being of lesser power level cannot look upon the lord of the gods. He increases his socialbility to 10. In addition He may command gods of lesser power to obeys his will.



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