The gods have returned

In the last five years the world has begun changing. It started when a mortal called the hammer of Thor to his side. He was the first returning god to go public and the first returning god to nearly die at the hands of mortals.

The next place the gods began appearing was in Greece. When Zeus sent Athena to speak with the people of greece. He wanted the greek gods to come out on a positive note unlike the Asgardians. It wasnt long before Ares killed 100 hundred people and zeus descended upon him. The ensuing battle leveled a large portion of the city but ended with Ares dead. This was a shocking change no one beloved the gods could be killed.

Once this came out events in the middle east exploded. The returning pharaonic gods have been under attack by the musilum extremist for being demons. Bastet goddess of pleasure was killed by a group of muslim terrorists for being a corrupter. After this the Pharonic gods have vanished. Except for isolated incidents of godly powers.

Strangely, in the united states, there are signs of gods appearing. A new pantheon is forming. One that seems to be a new conglomeration of cultural concepts from all over the world.

The gods have returned

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